Poonam Pandey shows love for fans !

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Poonam Pandey remain always in the hot stories because of her hotness on Twitter. Nearly a year ago, the controversial model Poonam Pandey claimed to be posing without clothes and soon she made an impact in the world of the Internet. And now, it seems ‘Picture abhi baaki hai’. The 20 year old ‘Bikini Pandey’ did something unbelievable for the fans.

Yes, bikini girl Poonam Pandey is now in the spotlight once again. Recently, she posted a steamed picture without wearing a bikini top. She tweeted that, Poonam Pandey in bikini should change now with Poonam Pandey without bikini.

What do you say?

Well, she’s the girl who’s became much popular in a very short period, not only due to controversy rather showing love for fan as she always trying to stay connected with her fans.

Poonam Pandey without dress clothes and bikini pictures 2012


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